Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google, my love and my hate....

So, first I'm going to send out some love to my friend Google.  I LOVE using documents to create things like the script to Mr. South Point.  I've shared it out to all of the pertinent people and we can all make the necessary changes in one place so nothing gets lost.  Additionally, since one of our hosts is at college, he can read through his parts to prepare for this Friday's program.  This also works well for the Common Core curriculum guides.  We can work in one place, on our own time, and our supervisor can monitor our progress and prod us as needed.  YAY!  I love productivity.
Now, here is my rant.  I took my three classes of Googlites to the computer lab the other day to introduce them to the Google products and let them explore the possibilities.  Additionally, they were then to share on a common document how to best utilize these products during the once a month meetings in the computer lab.  I did this in the hopes that my students could help stoke my creative fires.  So, all seems to be going well after we get folks signed in.  There were a few hiccups there, a few unreadable capshas and all, but no big deal.  The problems came when we tried to work on the common document.  I don't know if it was a lack of bandwidth or a problem  on Google's end, but all productivity stopped when the document could not keep up with number of students I had.  I realize my class of 31 was a bit of a test, but this failed big time.  My class was frustrated, I was frustrated, and they lost a little love for a product that I generally adore. :-(