Thursday, May 24, 2012

You learn something new every day....

Since I was getting close to caught up on grading, I decided to cruise over to one of my favorite bloggers, Cool Cat Teacher.  First, I read her fantastic blog about the final days of school and the beginning of summer.  She discusses the need for rest, but also the need look forward while not losing these final moments with our "kids." I highly recommend it, you can find it here.
In her top ten articles, I found another interesting entry about Google forms and personal information.  It discusses how Google has some filters on the words used in Forms and if the words seem to indicate that you are compiling sensitive information such as usernames or passwords, the form will be deleted and you will be unable to retrieve it.  You can find the details here .  Several of my fellow Pinnacle leaders indicated that they used Google forms to keep up with student passwords for their Google accounts and I thought you might want to know about this little glitch.
For now, I'm going to submerse myself back into the land of Brit Lit, so I can finish grading these assignments and enjoy my holiday weekend.  Enjoy!