Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Docs in the House

So, I really love Google Docs for AP:Language class.  My students recently wrote, peer reviewed, and submitted their essays to me via Google docs.  The students seems to really enjoy electronically commenting on each others' papers and I feel I am able to make better comments since I can draw their attention exactly to what I want them to ammend.  Additionally, I can make deadlines for midnight of a certain date and can stand by them.

 I'm not especially fond of the Google presentations.  My students far more enjoy using Prezi and I wholeheartedly agree with them.  Additionally, I do not find many opportunities to use Google Spreadsheet in my ENGLISH classroom.

Later this semester, I'm hoping to use Google forms with my AP class for an essay.  In discussions with former students, they have indicated that many of their composition classes in college have asked for more inquiry based writing.  I'm hoping to have students research a topic, come up with a questionnaire, and use Google forms to compile the information.  I'm not sure how this will look, but I've recently discovered I have to re-write all of my writing topics anyway and this type of inquiry based essay seemed like a good way to incorporate Google forms.

I'm hoping to find some inspiration in others' blogs to liven things up this spring.