Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harvard Education Letter

Harvard Education Letter

So, much of my time has been devoted to being a cheerleader for the Common Core standards lately. My Pinnacle training has assisted me with this as I have used my technology skills to better convey my message about Common Core and to streamline some of the activities we were asked to do with our break out meetings last Friday. As always, meeting with my peers across the county can be a positive and a negative experience. Many of the fellow educators I spoke with shared a relief that Common Core was not as drastic as they first thought, but others were once again leery of change. Chris Goodson presented a video about the changes we as educators were going to have to make to continue to be relevant to our students. Some of the negative remarks I heard were grumblings about this move to better integrating educational technology. At first I was defensive, then became irritated with the lack of vision in some of my peers, and as always I became a little cynical. As I read the above article, I was renewed in my confidence not only in Common Core, but with our ISTE standards too. It reminded me that as with all change there are going to be myths that have to be busted in order to move people in a positive direction. I know this article is more Englishy than technology, but right now this is a big part of my world. Adios for now!

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  1. I agree. The Common Core doesn't present a big change in teaching to many teachers. It does look as though it presents a move to require good teaching, and by that I mean that it does not simply require that certain topics be covered. It seems as though the curriculum is requiring more application rather than assuming the teacher will put those pieces in place. I like it. As with any change, the narrow-sighted will have trouble seeing.