Sunday, March 3, 2013

Top ten reasons to become a Pinnacle Leader...

10. It will invigorate your teaching!

9. Getting to hang out with other tech geeks is a fantastic experience.

8.  It pulls you and your teaching out of the box.  (What do you mean you won't tell me EXACTLY what you want this to look like?)

7.  Your dermatologist will thank you for stepping away from the pool this summer.  :-)

6.  Exposure to so many options to incorporate technology into your existing lessons that you will just HAVE to do it!

5. Meeting people from different schools, levels, and subject areas helps you see where your subject fits in with what is going on in the years preceding/following your own.

4. Twitter is an approved professional learning community! whoop! whoop!

3. Blogging is great therapy and is free and encouraged!

2. Our tech facilitators are great people who have tons of good ideas, but don't always get the time to share what they'd like.  At Pinnacle, the crowd is receptive to tech and we have time to explore and integrate it into our lessons!

1.  Have you seen the stuff in my room?  My students are always impressed with the amount of technology in my room and with the fact that I know how to use it too.

*I'm apologizing for my tardiness in posting this.  I have no excuse, just forgot even with the reminder!*

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  1. We love the ability to connect with like-minded people during our long summer work days too. It is always a privilege to work with such awesome teachers that "step away from the pool." Thanks for the post.