Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yay! A new school year!

     I'm not sure why, but since I came back from vacation, I have been in school mode.  I've updated my website, I'm scanning Twitter and Pinterest for new ideas and I even decided to blog without being "assigned" the task.  All of the research shows that students become better writers through practice, but I often forget that I become a better writer through practice too.
     This time of year is always hectic.  My school life is full of new students' faces and names to learn, new lessons to try, tons of reflection, meetings, "things" to create for my students and parents, activities with Student Council, t-shirts to order, football game to organize, and oh yeah, my own kids' homework and activities, but I always look forward to it.  Summer gets a little too lazy for me and I crave the schedule and hectic nature of the fall.
     Now, come about October when all of this activity has brought me to my knees and I'm huddled in a corner trying to hide from the next activity, I'm sure I'll laugh at my enthusiasm for this time of year.  For now, I'm going to bask in the glorious rays of optimism and joy of the beginning of a new school year. Anyone with me?

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